European Science Day for Youth

"Astronomy & Time: The Mayan Legacy"


Have you ever heard of the European Science Day for Youth?

For some of you, ESDY has been the most exhilarating day of the year for the past 8 years. However for the newcomers, this will become an inspiring day for the years to come.

We would like to welcome you all on board – ESDY is an European event organised by MILSET Europe and the national coordinators.

But… What do we do?

On the very same day, all over Europe, a panoply of experiments under the same topic take place to celebrate science.

We have chosen the theme for 2012 to be "Astronomy & Time: the Mayan Legacy" to commemorate the end of the 13th Baktun and the inherited legacy in Astronomy from the Mayan civilisation.

Join us!

Think of the greatest activities that can be done around the topic – the limit is your imagination – and turn them into reality in your school, at home, with your friends… And share it with everyone on Facebook! 

Powerful when together!