European Science Day for Youth

"Astronomy & Time: The Mayan Legacy"


MILSET Europe is a European non-governmental, non-profit and politically independent youth organisation, created gathering organisations working in the field of education, focusing on the organisation of science-and-technology activities for young people.

MILSET was founded in 1987 in Quebec, during the first Expo-Sciences International. Due to its constant growth, various regional branches have been formed to-date, namely,

  • MILSET Europe
  • MILSET Amlat (Latin America)
  • MILSET Noram (North America)
  • MILSET Africa
  • MILSET Asia

Joining MILSET is adhering to its charter, it’s a movement which participates in the local development of scientific and technical education in leisure time, promotes international cooperation, citizenship and peace, by practicing sciences and technology in a spirit of respect, understanding and solidarity within different geographic and spiritual communities.

Thanks to MILSET, tens of thousands of young people have already met to exchange and make the most of their creations, discuss with researchers, youth leaders and industrialists. These young people have developed projects together, discovered foreign languages and cultures, and have been trained to acquire new technologies.


  • To support the development of scientific and technical educational activities for children and youth in Europe;
  • To support European and international cooperation between regional and national associations, particularly in the form of exchanges of young people between MILSET Europe member organisations;
  • To encourage cooperation amongst young scientists on a European level, promoting the idea of a United Europe;
  • To aid member organisations through the development and organisation of international seminars, training and conferences;
  • To organise Science Fairs on a European and international level, during which young people meet and present projects which reflect their creativity in the sphere of science and technology, in particular the biennial Expo-Sciences Europe;
  • To cooperate with MILSET active in the same field of activities, but globally.


The activities are organised in two programmes:

All the coming activities are available in: MILSET Programme of Activities

More information on MILSET Website and on MILSET Facebook group