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 Let’s show what fun science is!

The idea to create a day dedicated to science which young people should actively participate in surfaced during a Science Organization Contact Making Seminar organized by CIRASTI in Paris, France in June 2004.
The idea was taken in charge and became one of the main activities of MILSET Europe.



A contest, whereby youngsters propose an activity to take place, is organized. The activity must include different dimensions: youth, science & technology, creativity, discovery and education.

Some experiments and scientific cards are designed and provided online. Everybody is invited to contribute to it, starting by the winner.

On a fixed date, the activity is organized all over Europe in schools, youth clubs, etc.
The participants are invited to take photos and videos of the event and share them through this website.

Your imagination is the limit!



  • Show that Science is Fun
  • Serve as an example of youth’s interest in science and research
  • Stimulate youth’s decision capabilities and creativity
  • Promote youth and interschool cooperation
  • Enforce a European identity among young people 



It is the European branch of MILSET (International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology) which brings together more than 80 countries from all over the world.

MILSET Europe organizes activities (Expo-Sciences, summer camps, thematic days, etc.) and supports exchanges between countries so as to promote Science among Youth in Europe in particular.