Join us!

The European Science Day for Youth (aka ESDY) is connecting youth through a thematic day around Europe.

Be a part of this adventure by organising and sharing entertaining experimentations on the topic and get an unique opportunity to enjoy science through experimentation!

No age limits, no support organisation needed, no requirements! From toddlers to graduates, you don’t need much to join ESDY, just to get curious, use what you have around you and start to be creative!

Short on idea? Look at the community proposals on Facebook and Instagram

Interested to have us keeping you informed and providing participation certificate(s)?

Who are we?

The European Science Day for Youth a result of the efforts and dedication of MILSET Europe with the support of its members whom have made ESDY an unforgettable day Europe-wide.

ESDY has been here for you!

  • You have showed us why you love science
  • Connecting European youths together
  • Sharing our passion for science
  • Introducing young scientist to the community
  • Engaging with the local society

… and much more!

Let’s highlight the brilliance of all the young scientists who have made ESDY special. Let’s shine a light on science in the community.

Past editions